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The United States said the Chinese F-11B has been installed WS10A Engine spare parts

Filed under Uncategorized by saveo11 on 30-04-2010

According to the U.S. global strategic networks 3, reported that the current part of the J-11B fighters have been equipped with WS10A Engine spare parts, and the Chinese Air Force in the Engine spare parts performance is quite favorable to mass production.
F -11 fighter initially installed the Russian-made AL-31F Engine spare parts, but more than a decade China has made efforts to produce versions of this type of aircraft, that is, WS10A Engine spare parts.
To China, WS10A Engine spare parts of the development process is undoubtedly a severe test, because it is a powerful military Engine spare parts, its development process is extremely complex.
Because Russia has refused to authorize the production AL-31F Engine spare parts, so China has sought to obtain a sufficient design WS10A Engine spare parts related technologies. In fact, the Engine spare parts back in a few years ago already take the test and get an official production license, but it has always been the question of quality control and performance of disturbance.
WS10A may not have the AL-31F as reliable, but is adequate for navigation fighters on a regular basis. Moreover, it is China’s aviation industry a big victory because at present only six countries have the capability to manufacture high-end fighter jet Engine spare parts, while China is now one of them.

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